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The regions of the Eastern Cape where we are operating are net importers of agricultural produce, yet have vast farming potential. This potential can be unlocked by the training and assistance of farmers. It will result in the area becoming a net exporter of agricultural produce.

Agriculture is still very poorly developed in most rural areas. All farmers, big and small, face huge obstacles in order to earn a living through agriculture. They have been faced with:

1. No local procurement points.

2. Despite government’s efforts, no or very little advice and/or training.

3. No local markets.

4. Inadequate mechanisation services.

5. Lack of transport.

6. No infrastructure.

7. Limited access to finance or financial services.


Umtiza has had a positive effect in the areas in which it operates, addressing most of the above mentioned problems.

The results are:

Our Communal Stock Farmers:

- Have local access to their veterinary requirements,

- Have balanced and raw feeds locally available,

- Have in-house advice and training available,

- Have a branch through which to arrange the purchase and/or sale of livestock,

- Have an avenue through which to sell their hides, skins and wool.


Our Crop farmers:

- Have local access to input and maintenance products,

- Have in-house advice and training programs available.


- Have a market for their produce. Umtiza buys and will buy back most of the farmer’s raw produce in order to re- sell or manufacture into food for human and/or animal     consumption.

- Have access to financial services. This has become available to farmers as an infrastructure is in place with whom or through which such services can be provided by financial institutions.

- Have opportunities to contract-grow crops for Umtiza so that Umtiza can meet its future manufacturing requirements.