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1. Umtiza has branches (outlets) in many of the municipal areas.

2. Umtiza is a Government and Municipal registered supplier for all agricultural products and supplies, i.e. – Balanced and raw animal feeds, Crop protection chemicals, Fencing materials, Fertilizers, Fuels, Building materials, Hardware, Groceries, Irrigation equipment, Lubricants, Livestock, Clothing, Seed, Veterinary remedies, to name a few.

3. We have access to tractors, ploughs, harvesters, spraying equipment, spares etc and can offer ploughing services as well.

4. Our communities, projects and individual farmers can get all their agricultural supplies, etc and advice locally.

5. We are in a position to train our communities, projects and farmers to build their animal houses (eg. chicken runs), nurseries, erect their fences, plant maintain and harvest their crops, and market them.

6. As stated above we have and are offering communities, projects, farmers and Co-Operatives an opportunity to acquire shares in Umtiza.

7. This benefit is not only an act of empowerment but will also result in the farmers having a stake in the Agricultural supply and advice centre in their area.

8. All benefits of being part of Umtiza will accrue to the communities and farmers.

9. The farmer’s long term goals and targets can be jointly tackled.

10. Umtiza believes in the revitalisation of the Eastern Cape Agriculture